Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SS11 Collection: Interview with SeeZenn's Designer - Madeline

What kind of products will we be expecting for SeeZenn SS11?
Madeline: Lots of pretty floral print dresses, stylish jackets and blazers and several styles of shorts. Expect lots of prints and light materials and light colors. Some are professional and the floral pieces are good for beach weather.

What about your own collection?
Madeline: It is a floral inspired theme, called Contemporary Garden. It is a mix of contemporary design, that utilize floral fabrics.

What were your inspirations for the collection?
Madeline: Monet's paintings - summer, light colors, water lilies, architecture. What is modern and what people in the future wear. Some pieces are pretty unique.

Describe your favorite piece from your collection?
Madeline: That's tough, probably the white one shoulder embroidered dress.

Whose SS11 collection do you like the most?
Madeline: McQueen and Rodarte

When will the collection be available?
Madeline: End of March.

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