Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Day of Shopping at the Haight

Haight Street is interesting & fun place to drop by on a sunny day in San Francisco! Located near Golden Gate Park you can find a ton of local stores, boutiques and chain stores such as American Apparel. You will have lots of fun browsing the vintage shops such as Wasteland and crafts shops, where you can score great deals on one of kind pieces that are difficult to be found else where. If vintage is not your thing, you can also find stores like Villains that offers an array of premium denim such as Acne, J Brand and Diesel . There was also a few art, piercing and tattoo places scattered down the street. We did not have a chance to try out the food, but there was quite a few good cafes.
If you are not familiar with San Francisco, please note that you will see some interesting people around, so please aware!

Location: Haight St & Ashbury, San Francisco
Parking: Parking meters down Haight

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